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Mindmaster Silikone armbånd Medium

Mindmaster Silikone armbånd Medium

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LR's international product innovation

Mind Master

Reduce stress with ‘Mind Master – Brain & Body Performance Drink'Better performance for body and mind

• Mind Master neutralises non-medical related stress symptoms in the long term
• Micronutrients have a preventative effect and increase physical and mental energy levels
• Its unique composition protects body cells against free radicals and increases concentration
• Made in Germany and SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS certified

Ahlen, 8th April 2013 – LR Health & Beauty Systems, Germany's market leader in direct sales of dietary supplements with over 25 years of experience in research, development and quality assurance, has worked together with a group of nutrition experts in order to reach a new milestone for combating non-medical related stress and increasing performance: Mind Master – Brain & Body Performance Drink. The highlight: body and mind can be stimulated together for the first time. The antioxidants resveratrol, green tea, chlorophyll, vitamin E and selenium complement each other to relieve stress. Vitamins B, choline, iron, coenzyme 10 and L-carnitine increase the efficiency of body and mind. Dr. Anke Ertan, an expert in preventative medicine and stress management, explained the following: “Certain combinations of plants, vitamins and minerals help the body to reduce stress whilst generating energy in the process. They leave the body and mind refreshed and resilient”.

Stress has become a universal phenomenon. The German government's latest report on stress confirmed that nearly every second person complains about stress at work or at home. Age and career are of no great influence – it makes little difference whether the person is a housewife, student or employed. Nearly all social groups reported feeling more stressed in their every day lives today than two years ago, according to the study. Professionals and medics largely attribute the phenomenon to an increase in oxidative stress, which exposes the organism to extreme strain. “It is becoming more and more difficult for our bodies to efficiently neutralise the free radicals which develop with stress. Cells and cell structures are damaged in the long term. In consequence, they no longer produce energy. Fatigue, exhaustion and poor concentration start to kick in”, said Ertan. All the more energy is required in stressful situations though. This is exactly where Mind Master steps in. Antioxidants reduce the non-medical related oxidative stress in the body and micronutrients provide an additional energy boost. Until now, one had to go to great lengths to include the correct levels of micronutrients and antioxidants in one's diet. Indeed many people turn to ready meals and sweets as a way of coping with stress. Mind Master, LR's latest German produced and SGS INSTITUT FRESENUIS certified innovation, contains an optimal combination of micronutrients and antioxidants, the so-called 'Green Energy Formula', which neutralises free radicals, reduces cell damage and protects mitochondria, the energy production sites. Furthermore, it supports the energy metabolism in the brain and body in a sustainable manner. The LR experts recommend exercise and sport to complement the daily use of Mind Master.

Not only has the Brain & Body Performance Drink been proven efficient through internal scientific studies, but it is also easy to use (recommended allowance: 80 ml a day), the drink can enhance your quality of life – a quality much sought after in Germany these days. This innovative product is supplied in a purple 0.5 litre bottle.


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